How many cups can I take out at once with the “Unlimited” Subscription?

Just as it sounds, you can go nuts and check out as many cups as you’d like!  


How many cups can I take out at once with the “Occasional” Subscription?

This is an offering for our members who occasionally buy coffee at a participating café. Members with this subscription offering can check out 5 cups in any given month.


Do I get any discounts with my subscription?

Why yes! Yes, you do. Partner cafes offer discounted coffee for using our service. Cafes offer at least $0.25 off of the standard price.


How long can I keep a cup?

Please return your cup within 7 days of checking it out. The app will help you count down to when the cup is due back. You will be charged $17 if the cup is late or lost.


What does my subscription cover?

With your subscription, the Coffee Cup Collective team will ensure that there is always a cup available for you to check out at a participating café. We cover the collection and cleaning of dirty cups.


What are the cups made of?

Our cups are 100% stainless steel and the lids are made with #5 plastic.


What do you do with a cup after you retire the cup?

Great question! We are able to resell the stainless steel cup so that they are made into a new product. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. The lids are recyclable in traditional recycling centers.


Who washes the cups?

We do!! We use commercial dishwashers in commercial kitchens when the kitchens are sitting idle. We like to leverage existing infrastructure whenever possible, it helps to minimize our carbon footprint.


And yes, the cups and lids are cleaned and sanitized in a commercial dishwasher.


How do I know where to return a cup?

Every partner café has a collection bin. We have some additional collection bin locations, which are identified on our app (see the white bin icon).


How do I know which cafés are participating in the service?

The easiest way to find participating cafes is via the app. We are constantly adding new cafes so keep an eye out. We also have stickers/signs in our partner café locations.


How do I find my profile page?

After signing into the app, click on your initial or face in the upper right hand corner. This is profile page. You can see your history, your billing information, and other important information. 

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