1. How do I find my profile page?

After signing into the app, click on your initial or face in the upper right hand corner. This is your profile page. You can see your history, your billing information, and other important information.


2. What is the difference between the Steward and Standard subscriptions?

As a Subscriber to the USEFULL Steward subscription, the $9.99 monthly subscription fee covers access to USEFULL cups as well as Premium advantages of longer rental period (5 days) and a lower late fee rate ($0.50 per day from day 6 to day 14). Plus a percentage of your monthly fee goes to UPSTREAM Solutions, an organization dedicated to changing our throwaway culture and removing plastics from our waste stream. This is a good option for those environmental stewards out there or for those that tend to forget things in their car or at their home. 

Subscribers to the USEFULL Standard subscription pay no monthly subscription fee. There is a shorter rental period (2 days) and a higher late fee ($1.00 per day from day 3 to Day 14). If you’re someone that returns borrowed things promptly, this may be a great option for you. 


3. How many cups can I have out at one time?

You can check out as many cups as you’d like, but each cup is due within the time period set by your subscription level. You can check your profile page to see when each cup is due. 

4. How long can I keep a cup? What happens if I keep it longer?

Please return your cup within 2 days (Standard subscription) or 5 days (Steward subscription) of checking it out to avoid late fees - $1 per day for Standard and $0.50 per day for Steward subscribers. The app will help you count down to when the cup is due back. You will be charged a total $17 (inclusive of late fees) if the cup is lost.

5. How do I know my cup is clean?

We require our partner cafes & restaurants to guarantee they follow all ServSafe dishwashing procedures and local health department guidelines when cleaning & sanitizing our cups. This means each cup is washed, rinsed, sanitized and then air-dried to minimize germs. We also map out a chain of custody for our Partners to follow, so that way, we can ensure every time you get one of our cups, it’s fresh and clean. 


6. How do I check-out a cup? How do I return one?

To check out a cup, when ordering, ask for the drink to be served in a USEFULL cup. Open the USEFULL app and click the QR code in the upper right corner. Then, after you receive your drink, click “Self Checkout” and simply hold your cup over your phone to scan the cup’s QR code. You’ve now checked out your cup!


To return, approach the USEFULL Returns sign and open the app. Scan the QR code on the Returns sign and then scan the cup.  Drop the cup into the bin.  You have now returned the cup.  Thanks, you just saved a cup from the landfill!


7. What do you do with a cup after it hits retirement age?

Great question! We are able to resell the stainless steel cup so that they are made into a new product. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. The lids are recyclable in traditional recycling centers.


8. Where can I return the cup and lid once I’ve used it?

Every partner café has a bus bin for returns, so look for the “USEFULL RETURNS” sign with the QR code on it nearby. Don’t forget to use the app to scan the QR code on the sign and then scan the cup and just drop it in the bin.


9. How do I know which cafés are participating in the service?

The easiest way to find participating cafes is via the app. We will be adding new cafes all the time, so keep an eye out. Our partner café & restaurant locations will also have USEFULL Partner stickers on their door to let you know they participate in our program and care about keeping waste out of the landfill or ending up as litter on our streets or in our oceans.


10. What are the cups and lids made of?

Our cups are 100% stainless steel and the lids are made with #5 plastic.

11. Do you sell USEFULL cups for retail purchase?

Nope! Our program is based on keeping all of our cups in use for as long as possible to maximize the amount of waste each cup can displace. While we know our cups are attractive, we prefer them in your hand or at the café versus being stuck in the cupboard.


12. My favorite café doesn’t have USEFULL yet. Is there a way to make that happen?

Sure! We’d love to make that happen too! You can help by telling your favorite café about our service and you can reach out to us via email (info@usefull.us) with the café name and location (example = Favorite Café in Your Town).


If you help us with a “warm introduction” to an owner or manager and we get into your favorite café, we’ll help you with a month free of our Premium membership.