Agile Operations Summit, how'd we do?

Last Wednesday, hosted their first ever Agile Operations Summit. There were numerous influential, accomplished, and impressive speakers including many in C-suite roles. The keynote speaker, Barbara Corcoran, presentation resonated with all of us. She explained her struggles through school and the many different jobs she saw before the age of 24. Her biggest advice to everyone in the room was to get past your failures. She explained that for her, her biggest ideas came after her failures. She said, “Everything substantial happened on the heels of failure.”

One of the highlights from the Summit was Lola’s concerted efforts to host a reduced waste event. did an amazing job accomplishing their goals of reducing, reusing, and diverting waste! Coffee Cup Collective is proud to say we helped in their efforts by diverting almost 90% of waste from the landfill. The items at the summit have either been reused, including many of the name tags, coffee cups, plates or items that can’t be reused have been

be recycled. The event did not even have a trash can in sight!

More specifically Coffee Cup Collective helped divert over 450 cups from the landfill! Our coffee cups were used for all the attendee’s coffee, tea, and water needs. The Summit did not provide or sell any single use disposable cups. People were also able to use their Amex Global Business Travel reusable water bottle provided in their swag bag during the event.

The success of this reduced waste event was made possible by the attendees who rose to the occasion and understood the importance of the efforts to minimize our impact. It was amazing seeing so many people interact with our service in such a positive way. The reduced waste event style was well received by the attendees and we believe that more reduced waste events will be popping up in B