Bans on single use cups are here!

Countries, states, and cities are taking steps to incentivize reusable cup usage by taxing or banning disposable cups in coffee shops, and take out food locations. In Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and the rest of England there is a movement afoot towards taxes on disposable cups, or a “latte levy”. By 2030 the entire European Union will be banning single use plastics and coffee cups in an effort to fight pollution.

In January 2019 Berkeley, CA passed an ordinance that requires all restaurant take out foodware to be compostable and requires businesses to charge an extra $0.25 for disposable cups. One Berkeley Councilwoman explained that "Recycling is no longer a solution – if we want to save the planet, it’s time to reduce, reuse and compost."

Recently, San Francisco decided to do the same thing. On their own accord, some Bay Area coffee shops started to completely get rid of disposable cups, forcing their customers to bring their own reusable cup. San Francisco legislation has proposed these taxes and it is believed that they will be implemented in the new year. Palo Alto, CA is also looking to jump on the bandwagon.