Coffee Cup Collective? What’s that?

Everyday we read, hear, and watch trash that ends up in our oceans, streets, and forests. We try and recycle the best we can but it is not as sustainable as we think. Your local recycling center is having to turn more and more loads of want-to-be recycled items to the landfill. Defeating the effort of recycling.

The single use disposable nature of our culture is growing and it can be seen in our to-go lifestyle. The disposable coffee cup industry is a large contributor to this ongoing problem. In the US alone, we consume 120 billion paper, plastic, and foam coffee cups a year.

Coffee drinkers should be able to enjoy their to-go coffee morning, noon, or night without the unnecessary waste of their disposable cup.

At the intersection of convenience and sustainability, meet Coffee Cup Collective. The business was founded with a mission to reduce waste generated from disposable coffee cups while not sacrificing convenience.