Convenience Culture

The speed we are required to live in, creates a troubling paradox. We need quick solutions to get us moving through our day and can’t waste time mulling over the ever confusing “did I recycle that aluminum foil wrapped burrito correctly?” or “is this fork compostable?”. We care deeply, but in our highly evolving, “plugged in” technological reality, we reach to the edges of our limitations so we can keep up.

Our need for machine like efficiency spills over into our very human relationship with food. Ever determined to not let our humanity interrupt our efficiency we have outsourced the time sucking task of nourishment. Although, at what cost?

Unwanted Coffee Baggage

At times brewing our morning cuppa seems to move at snail’s paced speed and sitting down to enjoy it often gets cast aside when whirling through tooth brushing and outfit experiments. Instead, if we remember and have time, we opt to pour this caffeinated gold into a reusable mug. Although, first hand, this solution can be a lot more frustrating in practice. We have all been through it, you forget your mug or feel chained to it for the day. A disposable cup at your local coffee house becomes a much more attractive option than schlepping around a dirty reusable coffee mug. But the disposable options leave us with a pang of guilt, knowing we can do better.