Meet Ariana Kierans, Our Biggest Fan!

Meet Ariana Kierans, one of our pilot participants who fell in love with the mission and drive behind Coffee Cup Collective. She reached out to us after her pilot was over and has never looked back. We are so grateful to have her helping us write material and supporting our service wherever she goes. Here is a little more about her:

Hello! My name is Ariana Kierans I am an artist, turned retail operations maven, turned creatively operational being with a strong desire for sustainability. My roots and love for coffee run deep. I was born on Honduran soil where my love for coffee was catalyzed. My family there has you drinking coffee at a young age! (Really it is milk, sugar with a splash of coffee when you are little). I have been on the quest ever since. Brewing, drinking and learning about the beauty of bean juice is something I hold dear.

My love and awe for coffee and nature led to my discovery of the Coffee Cup Collective. It has been frustrating to navigate the world through the lens of sustainability, as our society has built so many walls we must crawl over to meet it. Even more frustrating to see our waste impact . . . living in NYC for 3 years really opened my eyes to this. There you can just see mountains and mountains of garbage on the street, lining your entire walk to work. This city is a true landscape where disposable food container culture thrives. Lots of work and lots of take out food + coffee ruled my life and filled me with guilt! As my waist line grew and my wallet thinned I knew I needed to put my money towards something more sustainable. I turned to the zero waste culture, trying to integrate these practices in my life.

When I moved to Boston and came across the Coffee Cup Collective, I saw a brilliant way to empower the consumer to not compromise their love of the environment and their fast paced life style, but to blend them into a harmonious brew palatable to real life.

This idea to me was illuminating and I wanted to see if I could be apart of it. So, I reached out to Alison Rogers, founder of Coffee Cup Collective, to see how I could help and have been a resolute supporter since.

If you or anyone you know would like to support us and our drive for a zero waste society please fill out this form or reach out to us at

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