Meet Igor our CTO from FastCTO!

Meet Igor Belagorudsky our Chief Technology Officer through FastCTO. FastCTO is a network of CTOs that helps beginner start-ups make good decisions the first time, or many the second time around.

Igor helps CCC make sure that what we want to do is what we should be doing and how we're doing it makes sense for now and for the future. He also works with our developers to guide them on our roadmap in the most efficient and effective way.

Whether it's his own startups or helping others' startups, he tries to learn from previous mistakes, the mistakes of his colleagues and the mistakes of the greater community in order to help the companies he is currently working with to avoid encountering those and similar mistakes. Although mistakes are impossible to completely avoid, but, with enough experience, he tries to make less of them over time for his company. When the balance of a company tips from mistakes in execution to thought-out leadership and implementation, those companies tend to do better. His goal is to always try and make a company operate better.