Meet Kathy Hu our Mount Holyoke College Ambassador

Meet Kathy Hu, our College Ambassador from Mount Holyoke College! Mount Holyoke College is a small liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts - it’s also the first women’s


Kathy is a senior with a double major in Environmental Studies and International Relations. She heard about Coffee Cup Collective through our CEO and Founder Alison Rogers, who is an alumna of MHC. Kathy was participating in a capstone entrepreneurship class that was working on a project to reduce campus waste. Through this she discovered Coffee Cup Collective had the same mission. Kathy and Alison were able to connect through their passion to reduce single-use plastic and waste.

Currently, Kathy is working with Coffee Cup Collective to bring the reusable cup service to Mount Holyoke’s campus. Mount Holyoke produces 300k single-use disposable cups per year and Kathy believes that moving towards zero waste is an essential step to achieve a more sustainable campus.

Coffee Cup Collective’s mission to eliminate waste from single use cups is undeniably a difficult task, but Kathy believes through collaboration and engaging with stakeholders, we can overcome the hurdles of the market failures that have created these environmental issues in the first place.