Reebok Runs Sustainably

Reebok shook the shoe and sustainability world when they revealed their first plant-based, vegan performance running shoe this past December. This was a big step forward and a step out of the shadow of their parent company Adidas. But Reebok is doing a lot more than just changing the industry, they are changing their employees and their office for the better!

In their Headquarters here in Boston, Reebok is working to completely eliminate single-use plastics. They have been enforcing this initiative by having a strict no single-use plastic bottle policy. All the waters, juices, and soft drinks offered in their cafe are sold in glass or aluminum. Reebok employees and their corporate Red Barn cafe have also made that next jump towards ditching disposables by partnering with Coffee Cup Collective!

We have started working with Reebok employees over the last few weeks to change the paradigm of to-go coffee and tea. Reebok employees are now able to opt into using a stainless steel reusable to-go coffee cup instead of taking a single use cup when they order their favorite drink. We are very excited by this opportunity to help Reebok eliminate single-use p