Sustainability to the Core

What is Ubuntu Life? Does it sound familiar? Ubuntu Life is a Kenyan based non-profit organization that provides services (schooling & healthcare) to children with special needs. They use the power of global commerce to create social impact for both mothers and children in Kenya. While the children are at school, the moms have the opportunity to make sewn-goods that are sold both domestically and internationally. The profits from the sales give the moms some income and help fund the school. Ubuntu life sells their products in some big name retailers too, including Whole Foods.

Now how does this have anything to do with Coffee Cup Collective? As winter approaches we know our Coffee Cup Collective members’ hands are going to get cold while holding our stainless steel cups. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ubuntu Life to provide reusable and sustainable coffee sleeves. These coffee cup sleeves are made from canvas and can be placed directly in the washing washing machine for reuse. That means that you can keep the sleeve on the cup when you return it and we’ll take care of the washing.

Coffee sleeves were the first product ever sold by Ubuntu Life. They've grown a lot since then and we are