The Best of Both Worlds - acts like a disposable and a reusable, plus it's sanitary!

How will our perceptions evolve as we emerge from quarantine? Will we continue being germaphobes?

The fact is, I don’t know. I don't know what post quarantine will look like exactly or when we’ll be able to go to our favorite cafes again.

What I do know, and what brings a sense of calm to me during this time of great uncertainty is that our cups are, and have always been, clean and sanitary. This is something that we, as a society have come to value a lot in the last few weeks.

Sustainability efforts can be sanitary - and sanitary efforts can be sustainable.

As we all collectively learn and grow from this pandemic, I can imagine a scenario in which health codes could become more strict. How strict? I can imagine some health codes limiting "bring your own" aka BYO reusables aka personal reusable cups. As I mentioned in our letter to our subscribers and an article in Waste Dive, BYO presents a greater risk of cross contamination. With a BYO system at cafes, a customer hands a barista their personal reusable cup, which is ‘dirty’ in some capacity, whether it has residue on the inside or germs from someone’s hands on the outside. This is why so many cafes have suspended BYO service.

Our service, on the other hand, eliminates the risk of cross contamination. Our clean and sanitized cups are delivered to cafes and only the baristas touch the clean cups before handing the cup (filled with the customer's drink) to the customer. This follows the same process as single use cups. The fact that we eliminate the risk of cross contamination is a key part of our value proposition.

We know of a few cafes that are planning to eliminate their BYO option and instead focus on offering their customers our cups and our service. We are the sanitary reusable cup option in Boston, filling the void of suspended BYO programs.

Aren't single use cups the best option right now? Well that's certainly what the plastic lobby wants you to think, but the fact of the matter is that single use is no safer at not spreading viruses than reusable, especially reusable services. Coffee Cup Collective and other services like ours provide clean and sanitary cups to cafes, eliminating any risk of cross contamination. Not to mention, our service also eliminates the risk of the negative health impacts from single use plastics... like cancer.

In short:

  • The Coffee Cup Collective service is very different than a ”BYO" program and that’s a key component to their value proposition

  • When people “BYO” cups to a cafe, may not be clean or sanitary, which risks cross contamination

  • The Coffee Cup Collective service eliminates the risk of cross contamination by providing cafes with clean and sanitized cups

  • This process mirrors the single use experience behind the counter at cafes and at self serve stations

  • And no, single use cups are no safer than clean and sanitized reusable cups!

Join me. Join the Collective because collectively, we can do better.

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