We want to hear from you!

What do you think the return to cafes & coffeeshops will look like?

Hello Subscribers & Friends!

Crazy times, huh? We hope that you’re staying safe and thinking strong! We've been tested many times in the past and Boston has always proven its resiliency, so we got this!

As we figure out what the “New Normal” will look like, we want to hear your thoughts about how you see it playing out in your own life and in your favorite cafes.  We will then use your guidance to shape our approach toward delivering you a safe, strong and sanitary service in a sleek sustainable cup.

While this quick survey should take ~3 minutes, we appreciate every second of your time! We would love for you to respond by Wednesday, May 12th so that we can start incorporating your feedback.  We also hope to share some of the results back to you via our social media.

Thanks and best from all of us to all of you!

The Coffee Cup Collective Team

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