What inspired Coffee Cup Collective?

I'm Alison Rogers, founder of Coffee Cup Collective. I'd like to tell you a bit about my story and how Coffee Cup Collective came to be.

My mom is a big walker. She walks many, many miles a day, but she’s not any old walker. She collects trash along the way. As a kid, it was SOOOO embarrassing to go for walks with my mom and her bags of trash. Okay, sometimes it still is!

Like I said, my mom can still be embarrassing!

My dad is a big sailor. He has taken me on countless trips from a very young age. Together, my parents helped me develop a love of and respect for the outdoors.

I was lucky enough to learn how to sail from an early age. We probably shouldn't tell the Coast Guard that I would refuse to wear a life jacket.

Here’s a story I remember vividly. It was my first time sailing offshore. I was in middle school. It was beautiful. Imagine no land in sight for a few days, being confined to 40 feet for a few days. It was truly a magical experience. UNTIL… I saw a bundle of balloons floating in the ocean.

Where did these balloons come from? How did they get here? Why was mankind intruding on