What is a Reduced Waste Conference? is doing it! is taking on the courageous task of hosting their Agile Operations Summit on November 6th, 2019 as a Reduced Waste Event. A Reduced Waste Event focuses on reducing as much waste as possible through planning, recycling, and education when achieving 90% waste diversion is not possible (that's the criteria for Zero Waste Conference). Wondering how to host your own Reduced Waste Event and follow after’s environmentally conscious lead? We can help!

In order to pull off your own Reduced Waste Event, there are four main focus areas to think about: 1. Planning to minimize waste, 2. Food, 3. Transit, and 4.Miscellaneous items, such as ID badges and gift bags.

Planning your event is the most important part and the core to doing that is finding a venue that will work with your waste goals, including helping to facilitate the necessary waste removal services (i.e. compost, recycling, trash). In your planning process, you must determine what materials will be used at the event (reusable, recyclable, and compostable materials). Reusable is always the best option.

We recommend having waste, recycling, composting, and “I don’t know” bins. By making all these bins readily available to your guests, they are more likely to put their waste ite