Who's the Man on the Bike?

We have added another member to the Coffee Cup Collective team! Meet Cameron Airth, our first Cargo Bike Delivery Team Member. Cameron was born in Seattle but spent the formative years of his childhood overseas eventually making his way back here to Boston.

If you are wondering how the cups are getting from one location to the next, now you know! Cameron is the man behind the bike, or you could say ON the bike. If you haven’t already seen Cameron out on the new CCC e-Cargo Bike, keep your eyes out! He is the person moving the cups all around the city. He is also the face between Coffee Cup Collective and our cafe and office partners!

Cameron has worn many different hats in his career. He has worked in offices, coffee shops, environmental movement groups, and many other settings. In these roles he has always tried to make changes that minimize waste -- getting the companies to switch to double-sided copying and promoting reusable mugs to customers.

Cameron is also an avid cyclist. He does fixed-gear criterium racing and has recently gotten into road biking.

Cameron’s love of biking and the environment drew him towards Coffee Cup Collective, “I feel very passionately about protecting the environment and cutting consumption of disposable products. Even as a child I lobbied for recycling programs at local schools and through one-on-one conversations have persuaded more than one acquaintance to start

recycling.” He has always believed that leading by example will bring the most change rather than waiting for someone else to make that change for you. “Coffee Cup Collective is an opportunity to make change together.”

We are so lucky to have Cameron leading the Cargo Bike Delivery Team! Fun fact about Cameron is he has been a vegan for over 25 year! You go Cameron!

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